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“Here are some basic Tarot Card Meanings For Relationship that have some relations to your possible break-up with your partner.”

Tarot Card Meanings For Relationship

Have you ever used Tarot Card Meanings For Relationship? At that time, we are not talking about love. Instead, focus on the relationship break-up that may give you a general overview of what is disappointing and hurts you to know beforehand. Then, what those cards of Tarot actually mean can help you to foresee your own relationship. Here are some basic Tarot card meanings having some relations to your possible break-up with your partner.

  • Ten of Swords

With only one look into the imagery on this card this time, you can clearly see that it’s mostly about that painful, intense, and dramatic experience through an unexpected ending. In fact, there is a possibility that you may have been hurt while being betrayed in that relationship break-up. Moreover, it could take you several months, or even years to get a full healing process from that hard experience. Nevertheless, it’s always necessary to keep a strong faith in that card. That’s because you will access a complete new cycle as well as new beginnings ahead.

Tarot Card Meanings For Relationship
  • Hermit – Tarot Card Meanings For Relationship

The Hermit would be the solitary figure that can help to reflect a great time of isolation or sometimes the withdrawal from the others. Getting this card gives you an indicator of remaining single. Use this amount of time to relect someone’s personal or spiritual targets. Of course, it is not actually a break-up. But, it may indicate the time of solitude and being on your own.

  • Tower

What do Tarot Card Meanings For Relationship tell about this card? What you properly see would be the stark scene or imagery right in the tower. There’s a lightning bolt striking the building above. And it starts to be in flames with the others who are trying to leap from the windows. In addition, the card also points a large shake-up that can force you to alter the way you view the whole world. Just as you assumed that you were staying in a secure and comfortable relationship, then one event has taken place, which may cause the relationship to be upside-down. What to do at that time? In fact, you should confront with your own change and coming divorce that might end your long-term bond.

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