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“In general, the Free Celtic Tarot Card Spread is considered as one of the most popular layouts used by Tarot readers.”

Free Celtic Tarot Card Spread

In general, the Free Celtic Tarot Card Spread is one of the most popular layouts used by Tarot readers. So, it may be one of the more complex spreads to interpret. Although most of the beginners apply the Celtic Cross layout to practice Tarot reading, it often requires an in-depth understanding of different positions and inter-relationships across these positions so that practitioners can gain the most value from this spread.

As consulting this article, you can get the basic outline about the Celtic Cross arrangement and the cards’ positions. Then, try to delve deeper into learning more about the relationships between these positions to derive a more holistic view of this layout.

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Free Celtic Tarot Card Layout

Card 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Card 1The present. In fact, this card symbolizes what is taking place to the questioner at the current time.
  • Card 2The challenge. On the whole, this card expresses the instant problem or challenge that a questioner is facing. But, if this issue is well-resolved, it can make life much easier.
  • Card 3The past. This card denotes some past events that have led towards the current circumstance and can give some indications of how the challenge might come about.
  • Card 4The future. To be sure, this card indicates what is likely to occur in the upcoming weeks or months. Hence, this is not the final outcome. Instead, it is just the next step on the questioner’s journey.
  • Card 5Above. This card represents the questioner’s aspiration, goal and outcome regarding the circumstance. At that case, it is what this person is working towards consciously as she tries her best to solve the matter.

Card 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  • Card 6Below. In general, this card reveals what is within the subconscious world of the questioner and takes the deeper steps into the core foundation of the situation.
Free Celtic Tarot Card Layout
  • Card 7Advice. Of course, this card tends to take into account anything that may be happening within the questioner’s life. Then, it suggests a recommendation for what approach could be taken to address the present challenges.
  • Card 8External influences. This card reflects individuals, energies, or events that will influence the outcome of the questioner’s situation, and be beyond her control.
  • Card 9Hopes and fears. Maybe this is one of the toughest positions to interpret. Of course, remember that hopes and fears may be closely intertwined, so what we hope for can also be what we fear
  • Card 10Outcome. Finally, this card highlights where the situation can be available, and how the trouble will be under control.

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