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“What is difference between psychic and medium? The two terms Psychic and Mediums have been used interchangeably.”

Be Mindful To Distinguish The Two Kinds Of Spiritualists

What is difference between psychic and medium? The two terms Psychic and Mediums have been used interchangeably. The goal is to mention the special figures who have the hyper-intuition and sixth sense to pursue their spiritual missions. However, Please notice that there are  clear distinguishes between both of the most common readers. Such give them the dissimilar level of credit and fame in the community.

Difference Between Psychic And Medium – Discover Their Jobs!

First of all, Mediums own the extraordinary ability to communicate with spirits of the dead. Such the special competence is done via channeling or mediumship. At that time, the readers work as the go-between or spiritual bridges for the other-side entities. Differently, Psychics can typically work at intuitive level. That means they can foretell the future events and perceive the hidden info from their ESP. But, they are unable to contact the dead.

Due to the distinctive field of expertise, the 2 spiritualists advertise their services with the different texts. In fact, the Psychics mainly promote the benefits of future predictions and self-knowledge. Meanwhile, the Mediums are highly appreciated with the capacity of dimensional communication. Want to contact the deceased loved ones? It is time to settle rightly in the Mediums’ lands now! Don’t mind asking for the free sessions of minutes!

Besides, the divine tools of practice also help us know difference between psychic and medium. In general, the Psychics mostly use many tools to produce prophecies possibly. Typical examples are Tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, etc. Meanwhile, the Mediums may use no tool to mediate the dimensional contact with the spirits. That makes them evidently different! The deceased’s messages often come in the counters of thoughts and feelings. Hence, the spiritual bridges gather them via the superior telepathy or mind connection.

What Makes Psychics Different From Mediums and Vice Versa

Other important factors

In addition, be mindful to distinguish the two kinds of spiritualists via their credit in community. At that time, we witness the growth of many celebrity Mediums through the TV shows and books on paranormal topics. Some examples are John Edward, James van Praagh, Theresa Caputo, etc. Thus, people mostly believe that the Mediums have higher degree of credit and fame than the typical Psychic Diviners who need time to get proven.

With the historical documents about the afterlife and spirits around, humankinds feel addicted to the Mediums’ ability from the first thought. However, only time can answer the precision of psychic future predictions. As a result, smart clients mostly share their great interest in the validity of mediumship. Also, they take psychic divination for reference with the open mind.

So, do you see the difference? Learn their work carefully. Each has their own charm and ability. Want to find advice for future? Look for a psychic! Want to contact the dead loved ones? See a medium now!


  1. Today the 20/09/2016 i herd something in the sky and then two voices said it was a Phoenix and they were my angles and that I was in danger how do I call on them again need help please

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